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Liquid trap with (2) Quick-test ports, (1) 1/4" Male NPT,(1) 1/4" female NPT connections

Eliminates unwanted fluid or moisture that can contaminate any gas system.

  • Quick-release lid allows for easy cleaning of dirt or liquid without tools
  • Entraps fluid and debris out of system to prevent blocking or plugging
  • High pressure trap is ideal for pneumatic systems
  • Compatible with all Ralston Instruments Quick-test hoses and adapters

Item Includes

  • Assembly - TRAP Assembly (TRAP)
  • Top Connection - Male Quick-test outlet port, S.S. (QTHA-3SS0)
  • Bottom Connection - Female Quick-test outlet port with drain tube (for NPAK-TRS0), S.S. (QTHA-3SSA-LD)

NPAK-TRS0-2MS0-2FSA Data Sheet