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Ralston LC20-GF2M-00-00

Ralston LC20-GF2M-00-00

  • $ 599.00

Ralston Instruments LC20-GF2M-00-00 (0-30psi) NIST TRACEABLE INCLUDED

LC20 pressure gauge, 30 psi, 1/4" Male NPT bottom connection

The LC20 is a robust device that measures and displays pressure readings on a large, backlighted screen. The LC20 has the ability to show High and Low pressure values on-screen, change between 15 different engineering units or add custom engineering units. The included PC FieldLab Desktop software can be used for calibration, testing and live viewing of pressure.

Accuracy - Pressure Measurement +/- 0.1% of Full Scale (ASME B40.100 Grade 4A/ISO Class 0.1)
Selectable Engineering Units atm, bar, cmH2O @4°C, inH2O @39°C, kPa, mbar, psi, inHg @39°F, kgf / cm^2, mmHg @0°C, Torr, mmH2O @4°C, ftH2O @39°F, cmHg @ 0°C, oz / in^2

 Note: 0.1% of full scale for 0-30 psi= 0.9 psi accuracy.